Facebook Like Button

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A quick and easy way to include the Facebook Like button.

Allows you to pass in all button parameters along with optional meta/open graph tags.


V1.1 - Compatibility issue with IE fixed. The plugin now works the same with IE7/8, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Also, Facebook javascript files are only loaded once when multiple like buttons are on a page.


$().ready(function() {  
	$('#facebook_like1').fbLikeButton({appId:'YOUR ID HERE', tags:{title:'title_tag', type:'type_tag', image:'image_tag', url:'url_tag', site_name:'site_name_tag', admins:'admins_tag'}});
	$('#facebook_like2').fbLikeButton({appId:'YOUR ID HERE', href:'',send:'false',layout:'standard',show_faces:'true',width:'450',action:'like',font:'lucida grande',colorscheme:'light',ref:''});


The plugin accepts almost all options available to tailor your like button, you can find out more from the Facebook Developers page. Most are optional, but the App ID is required.

  • appId
    • Required, your Facebook App ID
  • status
    • true/false
  • cookie
    • true/false
  • href
  • send
    • Include send button true/false
  • layout
    • standard/button_count/box_count
  • show_faces
    • true/false
  • width
  • action
    • like/recommend
  • font
    • lucida grande, arial, lucida grande, segoe ui, tahoma, trebuchet ms, verdana
  • colorscheme
    • light/dark
  • ref
  • tags
    • An array of Open Graph tags:
    • {title:'title_tag', type:'type_tag', image:'image_tag', url:'url_tag', site_name:'site_name_tag', admins:'admins_tag'}


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