.Net Pdf Generator




By default the generator will fail silently, set the error mode to ErrorMode.Verbose to throw exceptions.


These methods are used to pass through command line arguments/switches to the tool:


Include a single key such as AddOption("-g") or AddOption("--greyscale")

pdfGenerator.Config.AddOption("[key]", "[value]")

Include a key value pair such as AddOption("-s", "A4"")

pdfGenerator.Config.SetOptions("[list of WkHTML arguments]")

Pass in a full list of command arguments, SetOptions("-g -s A4 --quiet")

A full list of arguments can be found here http://wkhtmltopdf.org/usage/wkhtmltopdf.txt


Setting a source

These methods allow you to add URL's or direct HTML/Text input as the source of the PDF, the methods can be chained to add multiple sources.

pdfGenerator.AddHTMLSource("[source text/html]")



Generating a PDF

These methods generate a PDF from the supplied sources and return the results.


By default the result will be returned as a byte array.


This will return the results as a PdfResult which contains additional information such as the time taken to generate the PDF

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